Cowboy Bebop Blues Suite

Fooling around with the Mixcraft7 sampling software, I’ve put together what I call the spikeCowboy Bebop Blues Suite, inspired by one of my favourite anime series of all time, Cowboy Bebop.  You seen some of the earlier “movements” of the suite, but here is the ehole thing complete.

They are, in order:

  1. Spike’s Lament
  2. Make it Sad
  3. Julia’s Song
  4. Faye & Jet: Farewell Comrades
  5. Blue For You/Farewell Cowboy

I don’t pretend it’s anything brilliant, but hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to what I’ve come up with.



  1. #1 draws you in but doesn’t define what comes next, which is good. I really started listening with #2 and thought “this is nice”. #3 is excellent. REALLY love this piece. You need to record this properly with a band. #4 might grow on me. #5 yeah, loving the sax. (he says, having one daughter who studied jazz and another who plays sax). retro synth/keys sounds. a bit of weirdness. soundtrack vibe. I like the chill. very nice work, man. keep doing this. add some bass.

    • Thanks Craig…appreciate the feedback and the encouragement. Glad you enjoyed listening. 🙂

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